What’s working…

When Tony is prepared and well thought out, there’s no one better. (Example 1 below)

Tony has a great cross section of topics in an hour: from Huckabee “oven” comment to video from Facebook to being a man over the grill. With mentions of the hell-like heat.

There is more of a sense of ‘ownership’ of the content generally.  It may be because in the hours monitored there is less Paige and Mike and more Tony, but it feels like this is his show, that he has personally picked the things he’s talking about.  Very strong.

What needs more attention…

Tony did a tease of Huckabee/oven comment that is just frustrating because it feels like he is putting it off for his reasons, not for me.  When he teases a major story like this it has to be because he’s got something that feels as big or bigger and he’s ‘juggling’.  In the example below he teases Huckabee, then ends up talking about The Bachelorette.   It’s just frustrating  (Example 2 below)

I am still hearing a big difference when Tony is less prepared and kind of muddling his way through a story.  This seems like it is a pure prep issue.  In the Planned Parenthood Body Parts example below it’s hard to follow where he’s going, and you can hear a complete difference in tone compared to the crimestoppers guy in Example 1.  (Example 3 below)

In a segment about grilling outside and man-ness, Tony went a direction I was not expecting.  Not sure if this works or not.  It was a great Tony topic and was set up very well.  But his ultimate point surprised me.  (Example 4 below)

Audio Examples…

Crime stoppers in Louisiana…

WIBC 06 interenet pull cop

-Really well prepared. He knew how to perfectly manage his audio!

-I did not hear a tease back to station website or FB to see the actual video.  It should be there, especially since this came from FB.

Huckabee teased for later so we can hear the latest from The Bachelorette…

WIBC 01 Frustrating teas

-This has to be much stronger, like “Alright we’ll get to the Huckster shortly, but first, this thing about Planned Parenthood selling parts…” 

Planned parenthood…

WIBC 02 Katz PP unprepared

-This just sounds less prepared, and the more comfortable Tony gets in his role, the more these stand out.

Grilling and Manness…

WIBC 05 Katz manness of grilling

-Great topic and a very “Tony” topic

-The reading of the guy’s perspective on grilling makes sense here and barely sounds like reading because of the context and the way Tony intersperses his own comments.

-I expected the cigar smoking, suit wearing Tony to go another way….to say that feeling like a man has nothing to do with standing over a grill or not.  But instead he made all about the grilling.  Missed opportunity?  Or am I missing a better bigger point here?