1-Opens and Setups

Tony’s topic opens have to always be super clear and easy to understand from the first  few seconds.  They can’t refer back or continue on or be mid thought.  Part of Tony’s prep should include an engaging statement of the topic put as simply as possible.

In listening to Tony while President Obama was in Paris for the climate summit, Tony made an excellent (and very Tony observation) that Obama was outside of the US saying that shootings only happen in the US.  It was a great bit.

Tony went on to fit it into a larger picture about narratives and memes that was really hard to understand. There were a lot of references such as “as I talked about” so I had the sense this was a continuation of something, but it was never clearly explained.

It was GREAT to fit the topic into a bigger picture but the bigger picture had to be explained clearly at every reset, not once in the show and then referred to later.

Audio Examples

01 Obama Paris narrative memes.  This is hard to follow…

wibc tk 01 obama paris narrative meme not simple

02 More on narrative, but bringing in another topic and then mixing with Obama/Paris.  This also sounds confused and not well prepped…

wibc tk 02 not clear opin reading more on narr obama reelex

2-Juggling two topics

In a separate hour, Tony purposefully juggled two topics: Obama/gun control and something about Istep not working.  Both were more complex topics, especially since Tony was also trying to make Obama about narrative.

Doing the two topics together hurt both.  They were both big but a little hard to follow.  Callers would come in on one while tony was talking about the other, which requires a reset that tony never did.

It would be better to switch segment by segment, doing one while teasing the other, etc.

Audio Example

04 Double open (long cut, 3.00)

WIBC-TK 04 double open Obama Istep



Things to work on going forward…

1) When Tony finds two topics that equally dominate his attention, he should do them alternating rather than together unless both fit under one theme.

2) Tony should prep two things for every topic: what’s the topic, stated as clearly as possible, and what’s his opinion, states as sharply as possible.  And as we’ve talked about in the past, he can alternate these depending on whether he’s in an early hour or a late hour.   These two things have to be set up and reset at each hour start and each break when he brings them up.  He cannot refer back or continue a thought he started in a precious hour or segment.

3) Tony should almost never read.  It’s too big of a contrast to when he just tells stories himself.  Reading derails his great setups.