This is a follow up to previos monitors and the in person meeting a few weeks ago.  Several things are better:  there is less Paige, there is a lot more of Tony’s personal take, well thought out.  But there is still too much reading, talking points, and even reference to “the left” which in Tony’s case is just never as good as when he is explaining something.  

Below are two examples, one each of the points I make above.  He should do much more of what he does in the first one and less of what he does in the second one.  In the second one he switches from his own thinking to reading something with lots of parentheses at about 2.45.  I listened to this segment in the context of a two hour monitor, then went back and listened again, and then one more time, alone in a room with headphones, and found it really hard to follow.  If I was in a car driving in from Carmel I would have been long gone.  


An example of Tony when he’s making his own point, well thought out, without Paige and without reading or resorting to talking points  (talking about Rams players with their hands up)…

Katz 01 Rams-Free Speech


An example of Tony starting really strong, but then getting a little confusing and resorting to reading, which made things worse (Obama girls poorly dressed)…

Katz 02-Presient’s Daughters