What’s Working

When Tony is into something you can really tell. He is smiling and clearly having fun. He sounds genuine and authentic. He’s funny, even if it’s a serious topic. It’s a great sound I’d love to hear even more of. (Example 01 below, lottery)

Similarly, when Tony is doing an interview with someone or about something he really cares about, it is frank, refreshing, and surprisingly authentic (Example 02 below, Colts)

What needs some attention…

The 6a hour. It appears that Tony does not even really appear in the hour until 6.14 or so, and then he is casual and sometimes too inside about just one thing, usually lighter in nature. One day it was the re-signing of the Colts coach and in the whole first segment Tony never mentioned the coach’s full name or that he was the coach of the Colts, being re-signed. He explained better and was more formal about the setup in all later hours. In another hour the first half hour (really just a segment because of the late start) was dedicated to Mega Millions/Powerball that nobody had won. (Example 03 below, reading)

When Tony doesn’t really care about the topic, it’s obvious. He sounds a little sing-songy and more affected. He has to take on each story like he cares, and just do it in less time than he would do something he’s more into.

Things to work on…
1) The 6am hour. Tony needs to get on earlier. This seems to be a clock issue. (Examples 04 and 05 below)

2) The 6am hour. As previously discussed, people are looking for more pure information and breadth of stories in this hour…simply an idea of what’s going on, what’s the latest. It is a very important hour in our format. It would be great for Tony to start strong and focused on the three or four biggest things, then start to expand out in later segments. He is doing it in reverse now.

3) Caring/not caring. The stories he doesn’t care about need just a little more prep, each: he has to be able to tell the story, never read it, like it’s important, and then move on. He cant just read them.


Audio Examples

01 Lottery

WIBC TK 160111-01 good lottery

-Tony cares!  You can hear how much fun he is having.


02 Interview/Colts player

WIBC TK 160111-02 colts


03 Reading

WIBC TK 160111-03 reading story mix

-This was a late segment in the 6am hour.  Should be first

-These stories should be told, not read, with the same intensity as the lottery  example above.


04  6am hour with very little Tony presence in clock


-There are about 22 minutes of Tony in this hour. There are 34 minutes off Tony in the 8am hour.