What’s working

Tony is much more clear and much stronger with his own opinion and on a wider variety of topics.

Tony is smiling more. Whether he is talking about Baltimore or a speech he has to give, it sounds like he is genuinely having fun. Like he is truly engaged.

There is less Paige

What needs more attention…

Now that Tony is further from talking points and bringing more of his own insight on topics, the next step would be to get to his point earlier. This is a short prep thing: during the break become clear about what the main point is that he wants to get across, and then getting there quickly before broadening and explaining.

In a segment like his public speech (first example below) it’s important to keep it informative and relevant for the rest of us. Topics should never really be bout him, they should be about issues that we all care about, and his own thinking or involvement with them. This segment would have worked better if he put three or four possible speech topics on the table first, instead of having Paige ask.

Audio Examples
Tony on his speech…

Tony sounding more like the owner of his content and less like he has ‘talking points’…


Tony on Nepal, and an example of getting to a point immediately. A little too much Paige…

Tony 04- Nepal