Clock and Formatics…

There is too much time between news and Tony’s start.  Can we do anything to reduce this, even in just the 7a and 8a hours, bulking up slightly at 6a?

The Popcorn moment has to be explained every time.  This is just a question of format muscle memory for Tony to say “this is the segment every morning where…”

At the :27 standalone traffic, Tony should make a big deal about how we will be back immediately, that this isn’t a break.  There are some meter losses here that could be easily avoided.


The 7a open with the news stories and voicers is falling flat.  It sounds like Tony doesn’t care about the stories, and often Tony’s set up and the voicer say essentially the same thing.  Tony’s reaction is sometimes not strong enough or invisible.  As we have grown meters (considerably) since January, this is one moment in the early hours of the show that still lags a bit.  I think it’s just not getting enough attention.  (Graph below)

I would love to make sure that Tony has a take on all the biggest stories of the day.  In this segment maybe the take is shorter and kind of a tease for when they’re more time, but it should be there each time.

With all the stuff we have crammed into this clock, I just want to make sure that enough of Tony’s personality  is present in each segment, each hour.  When he is flat or out of focus or busy doing something other than playing to his strengths, it’s not that we lose that moment.  Its that we lose a whole quarter hour.

Audio Examples…

01 Tony invisible open with voicers

wibc tony 04 invisible ipen seg reporters


02 Tony being great on a simple breaking traffic story, metal in the road…

wibc tony 03 great spontaneous with metal on roadway


03 Quintessential Tony.  This is the personality I want in every segment, every time, even the opening segment.  Also, we have to explain popcorn…

wibc tony 02 popcorn moment hillary no


April 26, 2016 versus the week of January 11-15, 2016. Note the great growth except 7.00-7.15

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.14.09 PM