What’s working

Starting to hear a difference in the writing and the crime stack! Example below.

The reporters sound very good and add some much needed voices.    We should have them lockout their reports so we get the news team positioning.  We should cut the CBS lockouts.

Alex sounds good.  Great energy and pace.  Good credibility.  He sounds more and more solid each time I listen.

Mixing local and national news at the bottom of the hour sounds much better.


What needs some more attention…

Leave out “investigation continues” and “police are investigating”.  It will feel a little short and awkward but Alex can use the early exit to slingshot to the next story

Weather is not branded yet.  It still sounds like just another element wedged in between spots.  Example below.

There is a clock issue.  We go to spots at 8.10, hide a quick weather at 13, go back to spots at 14, and do sports at 15.  It sounds like one monster spot break from  8.10 to 8.15.  Teasing the weather better and branding it will make a big difference.   Also, coming out of sports at 17.30 we go cold into spots with no tease.   Since this spot/wx/spot/sx/spot break is so long, Alex needs to give us a solid headline and a meaningful tease forward  after sports at 17.30    At 2.30, Sports seems very very long.  Most stations do sports for 1.00 max.


02 Alex Open

WIBW AM 02 lead story great good reporter

Strong open, no crime, good reporter intro and first line of report

03 Hidden Weather

WIBW AM 03 weather hidden

This needs to be highlighted not hidden.  It’s our single biggest reason to listen

Can we do a promo campaign to support this meteorologist?

01 Tease

WIBW AM 01 tease

Teases should be meaningful and offer some bit of info.  “Sunny and warm today, but here comes Fall.  The WIBW Forecast is next…” is better than just saying “weather is coming up”.