What’s Working…

-Michael is really starting to make some excellent points.

-There is more insight more frequently.  More content that would cause a listener to say “Wow I had never thought of that before”.  That is the stuff that makes stars.

-Great chemistry with Roger and Michael.  It gets better every time I listen.

-The music and production elements are making more sense.  They don’t feel crammed into a talk show, they feel like support more than before.

What needs some work going forward…

-Michael still reads too much in his setups.  This should be eliminated almost entirely.

-Michael talks sources too early in the setups.  It holds back his own credibility.  He needs to make a point, explain it, source things as necessary only as part of the explanation.  It currently sounds like he’s making other peoples’ points.

-The “police don’t have to protect and serve as much as a passing EMT does” (Wednesday, hour 1) was one of the most profound points Ive heard in any show in a long time.  I want to hear things like this in every single show.