1) Michael has very insightful points both on his own and in reaction to Roger, but they are not always clear enough.  Sometimes he can’t get out of his head enough.

2) Really clear presentation of a current story, then Michaels take just as clear.

3) Music still getting in the way, doesn’t always match the topic or setup

4) Tease specific things, really hook me.  No “coming up” .  Write the teases ahead of time.  Roger do it?

Audio Examples…

01 Just too cerebral, and on an old topic

WIBW KSL 01 cerebral

02 More hard to understand but best Roger.  (Mouth noises)

WIBW KSL 02 hard to understadn mouth noise good roger

03 Good topic, well set up Tv kills. But music doesn’t match and distracts

WIBW KSL 03 music not match clear lead tv deadly

04 Good Michael clear and simple…Nazis and VW

WIBW KSL 04 good michael vw nazis clear point