I listened in to what sounds like the first couple of shows of Michael’s new format.  So I will do a more complete review in the next couple of weeks.  Following up on the things we talked to Michael about during my visit to Topeka a couple of weeks ago…


The balance of Michael’s insight and music/production is much better.  When there’s music (and there’s still a lot but not as much) it makes sense and clearly adds to his point.

Roger is really getting comfortable in his role.  His quips and snipes are almost always on point and funny.

There is a sense of urgency missing.  I’d love to hear Michael jump right into the hour or a big segment just dying to share something with us, explain something to us.


“What’s Going On”

WIBW 01 whats gonig on perfect interax and insight

Nearly perfect.  Good setup by Roger, fun comment by Roger

Great insight from Michael.  Well thought out, belief based, clear

State takes your lost money…

WIBW 02 long set up. state takes money

This is still inverted: it should start with the story, clear and plain, and then Michael should go on to explain and offer his insight.

It’s too hard to follow when the setup goes first.