What’s Working…

There are FAR LESS crime and terribleness stories!  The mix of news is the best yet.

John and Liz rythm continues to solidify.  And John’s forward momentum is great!

There is more sound than ever.  Almost every story now has sound, while there is less phone sound overall!

What Needs More Attention…

We’ve traded crime for statehouse stories.  Political stories are often inherently boring, so while the mix is better, you have to work harder at presentation and style.

The writing is still pretty old school and clunky.  Two examples from the newscast example below:  “The Kansas House gave preliminary approval Tuesday of a bill which intends to balance a 330 million dollar deficit in the current fiscal year.”

State lawmakers are critical of a measure the Kansas House gave first round approval to Tuesday.” 


Audio Example.  Main 7am newscast…

Kansas Live 02-Rest of News for First segment 7am News