What’s working…

-Fantastic forward-moving energy that John has brought!

-More voices, more stories, less pure crime!

-Credibility and authority.

What needs more attention going forward…

-The looney-Tunes intro may be too much.  The :30 intros without all the fanfare but with a smile and fun sound much better and get to the stories more quickly  (need cut from Keith to exemplify this).

-The cross talk is still clunky and a little too much.  It should be a word or two, a smile of agreement, and move on.  Best Practice example below.

-Teases should be of specific stories and not of categories (“…Coming up, the story of a man who shot a hole in his head and then walked two miles to the hospital to get help…hang on…”  instead of   “…Coming up, more news, stay with us…”)  Best practice example below.

-We need to do sports for non-sports people.  Shorter?  “Mosquito bite” intro?  Best practice example below.

-Nat sound!  Quality of sound.  We have a high percentage of cuts that border on unintelligible.  And little to no natural sound

Audio Examples

(Need a cut of WIBW 8.30 open from Thursday)


KIRO/Seattle.  Teases…

KIRO-BP-01-Good Forward Teases 2-6


KXL/Portland.  Cross talk…

KXL 03 crosstalk fast


KXL/Portland.  Sports intro…

KXL Sports intro