WIBW Market Visit October 13-14

What’s working…

Real Progress!
Higher story count
Better flow
Significantly less crime bunched together.
More reporters
More personality but not overdoing it.

Things to pay attention to now…

Sports is special. You can’t really intro it and you have to be really careful when you tease it.
I heard no teases other than “and we’ll take a look at more stories across the sunflower state”
The writing is getting better but some stories are still written like wire stories.

More people telling stories, fewer telephone soundbites.  Other anchors.  Stories over sound for sound sake.

More nat sound.  Youtube. Facebook videos.

Start every story like its the lede.

Audio Examples

Sports.  It would be better leading with a story rather than sports as a thing…

sports (extract)

Example of leading by story…

KXL 01 gidget into sports


7am newscast.  HUGE difference and improvement over even a few weeks ago…

wibw 7a cast (extract)