Follow up from March DGH visit…

Crosstalk between John and Liz is getting much better.  It is usually shorter than before and no longer stops the flow cold.  In many cases John completes a story, Liz comments very briefly, and they move on.  Excellent!


Looney Tunes continues.  I highly recommend that we eliminate this or move it to the end of a half hour rather than the beginning of the hour.


News Sound is really improving.  There is more sound and more phone sound.  There is still too much spokesperson sound and not enough natural and ambient sound.  It also sounds like we have more station voices on the air.  The staff sounds bigger than it is!


Writing is not improving yet.  Some clear, easy suggestions that will help immediately:

1) Lead with the WHAT, not the WHO.  “The cost of running your business in Kansas is going up…” is better than “The state legislature voted on a bill yesterday to raise business taxes…”

2) Write shorter sentences.  Just write shorter sentences.  This will also help Liz sound better (see next point)


Liz Sound is concerning.  More often she sounds like she is slurring or swallowing her words.  Sometimes I think she is literally going to fast.  But sometimes the ex