WIBW Newsday September 2014


What’s Working

John adds credibility and forward momentum

The story count is higher   It sounds like there is more going on.

The crosstalk between John and Liz is getting better.  Less chatty.

What Needs Some Attention

The writing is still very wire and jargon sounding   No improvement in months.

The open is clunky.  It should be sounder/simple formatics/lede.

The morning news needs more sound produced by the other dayparts

There are still too many terrible and crime stories stacked together   They MUST be separated, dropped,  or run in separate newscasts  it is Impossible for someone to hear our news with a kid in the car   That guarantees that we are less relevant 25-54


1) I am including sound from KXL in Portland   It includes a single 4 hour a day reporter (on the iPhone release story)   Note the writing.   Lack of crime.  Very simple, short cross talk.   Anchors who smile .  Lack of jargon and  phone sound.  This cast was done with the same amount of people WIBW has plus a TV news partner.

-John and Liz have to smile all the time   It won’t sound like they are happy, it will sound like they are friendly.

-We have to change the writing   Now.

-We have to have all news staff prepare real wraps for the morning.

-We have to eliminate phone sound and spokesman sound


Audio Examples

KXL Newscast from Friday, September  19.

KXL Full newscast


KXL anchors on simple YouTube story with crazy great sound   Not reading, no jargon…

Rebecca Road Rage


WIBW newscast.  Good stoey count   Unnecessary Formatics…

WIBW News 01 Open & First few stories


WIBW better John and Liz crosstalk

WIBW 02 Brief Cross Talk