It’s been a little too long since I’ve really listened to this show!  But the good news is, I can really hear all the things they have developed and where they have slipped more than working every few weeks.   Overall I was extremely impressed with this 7am hour’s first segment, which was all the news of the day.  The lighter topic gonig into the bottom of the hour was also good.  There was more evidence of their slippage in the second half hour, but overall it was a very strong hour.  Specifics…


What is working…

The first segment!  They jumped right into a top story, added some insight, and then transitioned into a second story.  More insight, some good story telling, and then into the third.  Really well done.  The segment flew by much faster than the actual time.  That’s as powerful as a driveway moment!

A lighter segment was Greg wondering if a broken grocery bag means you can get a new product.  Again well done, not too long.

A later segment was about ‘what’s so bad about pot’.   Again, well done and definitely a younger target but not too young.

Dan’s stories and well thought out opinions are great.   He is not jumping in on Greg like before.


What needs more attention now…

There is a big difference when Dan thinks through his comments and when he doesn’t.  When he starts an opinion or response but then just can’t remember anything, it is a pretty big contrast from when he has thought things through.

Teases!  They had some great teases in this hour but not consistent.

Topic starts need to be direct and clear every time.  They did this with most.  Coming out of the news at :35 there was a topic about Cook county and blacks that just never made sense.

“Next step” producing:  in the topic about the broken grocery bag it would have been fun to have had Jessica poll some store managers off line and then report on what their final decision would be if someone showed up with Greg’s story.

Id love to hear one or two “harder” topics coming out at :35 too.

During a guest call there seemed to be really bad echo with Greg and Dan’s mics.