What’s Working…

There is so much more sound and it sounds great!  It’s topical, it gives the guys something to play with and riff on.  But it also makes them sound so much more prepared because when they talk about something…even KTel records, it sounds more like a show and less like a by-the-way.

The guys are more up and playful.  More present.

Story selection is very good.  It’s probably not that different from last time I did a monitor but the added sound really highlights the variety.

What needs more attention...

Dan is starting to interrupt again.  Probably related to the added presence of both.  It’s highlighted because dan will interrupt on one story and then intro the next. So sometimes Greg just disappears abruptly.

In the few hours I listened to to prepare I did not hear Greg offer an opinion on anything topical. I want to hear Greg add to the conversation, not just react or setup.  I want to hear Greg say “I don’t know, look at it this way…”   Those take always are one of the most Important things this show can offer.

In interviews it’s really important to start a topic and the. Intro the guest combined with first question.  In an interview with Cat this did not happen so no one ever actually said what the story is.  It was too careless