What’s Working…

The hour opens are strong, fast, and move forward, consistently.  Excellent!

Dan’s story telling is great when he focuses on it and knows where he is going.  We need to prep for this because it sounds great when it happens (example below).

Greg’s insight is great when it happens; I’d love to hear more of it more consistently.

Greg’s curiosity and the kinds of unique stories that get his attention is contagious.  It allows for much fresher and unique stories in the show, but…

What to work on from here…

Story balance through the hour, especially earlier hours.  Greg’s taste for fresh and different stories is great but sometimes it can take over the hour.   Our stories are better but we have to work in some news stories too…

On Friday, September 16 the 6am topic lineup was:

Trump’s hair/is it thin?

Hillary talking less policy as the race gets tighter

Longest, biggest lightning bolt in recorded history

Opiates and car crashes: it’s all heroin

Missing woman found on Home Depot roof (not a local story, a curious story)

Foot in Mouth disease fun humans

What’s the best thing about your neighbors

Amelia Earhart search and her 47 radio calls

Teacher applicant sent skunks to guy who got the job

On Friday, September 16 these stories were in the news…

Trump now not a Birther

American income way up even with poor and middle class

Trump still beating up the black female minister from Michigan Church

Official recall of Samsung phone that blows up

Obama takes blacks not voting for Hillary as “personal insult”

Senators delete their email accounts after Colin Powell’s emails were leaked

More info from Colin Powell’s emails

Dan Interrupting again, and adding “one more thought” before going to break

Greg needs to pick up the pace in story transition, too often it sounds like ‘that’s all there is’

Audio Examples

01 Dan telling a great story (but notice the slow toward the end of the story and transition to the next)


02 Good hour start and then Trump Hair (6am hour start, should be a little newsier)