You are moving through a lot of topics quickly so there is good variety and it’s all topical. Even through there’s a lot of good info he show still sounds like it’s dragging a little bit. It’s a little too loose. 

There is still great Danny Wikipedianess but still not enough Greg presence, especially when Danny intros 3 or more topics in a row in one segment. 

We should add a quick Formatic sequence every second story or so: Greg should reset with station/names/time/today’s hi temp   It’s a good reset for mornings anyway but will also add some momentum and sense if urgency. 

Audio examples…

01 Good open and good intro but then it starts to meander and lose all urgency even though the stories are good…

wmbd gd 01 open good info meander

02 Story transitions.  Three in a row from Danny, not enough Greg!

wmbd gd 02 trans no greg still meander

03 An example of when Greg is more present and there is more urgency.  This is what it should sound like all of the time (with more Danny of course, but Greg explaining and setting up like this)

wmbd gd 03 black pop good seg good greg

Also this is the lead news story but it’s buried at 27.  This should have been much more prominent, maybe leading the second segment?