What’s working…

Nice hour opens!  Good energy, right to the first topic, good formatics introducing the team.

The stories are shorter, which is great. It sounds like there is a lot going on and the guys have a lot to offer.

The El Chapo text messages bit is fresh can creative.  Can we make this a regular benchmark?  Do it daily at a certain time with whatever the biggest and/or most controversial story of the day is? (Example 01 below)

The interaction between Greg and Dan is good, no one talking over the other etc.

What needs more attention…

The energy is too low.  Greg needs to sit up a little more, keep it moving a little faster.  There is too much ‘hanging out’ quality to it for a mooring show at the moment.  (Example 02 below)

We need more sound.  With the shorter stories referenced above, the segments can get bogged down in all the talking when it’s just the guys.  There is a segment last week with a cut of Martin O’Malley from the Dems debate that really added some freshness.  We need a LOT more of that.

Greg: you can’t not know stuff.   You have some opinion or context to add with any story you bring up with one big exception…when Danny goes off on his theories…Aliens built the pyramids, etc…it’s ok and even better to not have an answer.

Book Basics: keep the formatics up like at the beginning of the hour, tease across breaks, formatics out, etc.  We’re behind on all of these things!

Audio Examples…

01 El Chapo text messages

WMBD GD 02 el chapo great but prod wk


02 Hour open, but then energy lags and silence

WMBD GD 01 open space energy