Good story telling mixed with comment.  Quintessential Greg and Dan.   Prison escape update…

GregDan 01-Prison Escapees Mon 6-16 6am

Good pace as Dan walks through the relevant facts

Good comment from Greg…never distracts, never interrupts.

Nice to add “Bounty hunter Dog” and the age of the pictures we are seeing in media.

Another quintessential Greg and Dan segment. Stupidest day of the year…

GregDan-05 Moving the Riverboat

Good setup even for people who might be less familiar with the story

Good mix of comments from both Greg and Dan

Rachel Dolezal…

GregDan-02-Rachel Dolezal

Good set up to get us up to speed

I expect more depth, more comment and opinion on this.  It’s one of the ones we’ll be hearing about all day.

Overall points…

1) The cuts above show the difference between a more prepared segment where one or both have things to add, and a segment where they are basically just reporting.  We should prep for things to add, and point of view, on every segment before starting it.

2) The topic mix lately has been excellent.  On this day there was Dolezal, prison, Lastpass got hacked, Facebook, and riverboat all in one hour.  Great breadth.

3) Danny was late coming into a segment about Facebook, and then in the next segment confused the NAACP and NCAA.  Once is barely noticed but twice in two segments makes it seem like you’re not as prepared as you could be.