Prep for Fall Book…

1) Teases.  Pre-write teases? More focus on next thing and tomorrow.

2) Energy.  A little more sense of urgency, almost breathless

3) Greg mostly leads, Dan mostly reacts/further explains on stories first out of break.  Always at hour top

4) Keep the good mix going…heavy stories and light stories generally alternating, with exceptions.  Tease heavy when going light, etc

5) Mention other shows.  Get your audience into Jamie, Rush, etc.  We will focus more on getting their audience into the morning show.

6) As many personal stories as possible, always in the context of topics, not as stand alone conversation.

Hour Open…

GREG DAN open slow greg not lead

I’d rather hear Greg open the top story and either Dan jumps or Greg hands it.

This kind of plods along.  Sounds like there is not a lot going on today, easy to tune elsewhere ‘just for a moment’

Interview Open…

GREG DAN guest intro

Start topic first, and then intro a guest the way you would a call

Good open, fast and energetic.  Most energetic of two hours monitored

Facebook Snapshot…

GREG DAN Facebook snap need open

This needs a real, produced open

GREAT idea for a segment

Keep it moving faster, like headlines or an update

Dan Explains China…

GREG DAN 01 dan expl china

Excellent explanation.  Dan at his best.

Would love to hear Greg set up and then pass to this.

Would love to hear analogies as part of these