Portland Ratings year to year.  Comparing three weeks after you started with three weeks ago…

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 7.10.44 AM

-Blue is this year, Orange is last year

-HUGE diff 9a to noon.  AND you are lifting Lars.

-Even though its higher, kind of a consistent dip 9.30 to 10.  What happens there?


What’s working…

-Very topical, without being too political.  Good mix of fun with social/moral issues.

-Jumping right in, great setups as always

-When there’s a take, it’s excellent.

What needs some attention…

-When there’s not a take, it is still good but is a little hollow. (Example 1, Trump Polls)

-The personal insight and vulnerability should be more consistent (Example 2, Booze and Smokes)

-Jamie should always be looking to defend women and families, let Scott be ‘the bad guy’ (Example 3, Rape)

-Sound effects too much

Audio Examples…

Trump polls

RM 02 trump sfx

-Well handled topic but…

-Missing anything personal.  I want more on why this makes sense to YOU, how YOUR feelings have evolved, etc

-Sound effects

Booze and Smokes

RM 03 drink smoke

-This is more personal when Jamie talks about his drinking and his wife

-More of this vulnerability more often!



RobbinsMarkley-03 Trump

-This is a topic women are pretty sensitive to, yet no one is reflecting that sensitivity.  This is just a couple of guys.